The Psychology of Color in Marketing, Post IV

This will cover some basics that will help you make good color choices in your marketing.

A Single Color, also called Monochromatic

If you decide to use a color in varying shades, this can be a clean and interesting look.  The blue or green shades can give a soothing and pleasing affect to the eye.

Complimentary Colors

High contrasting colors, which will be colors directly opposite from one another on the color wheel such as pink and lime green.  Can be pleasing to the eye and puts a warm color with a cool color.

Three Colors

This is popular with website designers.  Common to use three colors spaced from each other around the color wheel.  Allows for a harmonious color scheme

When deciding on which colors to use together be sure you understand the culture of your audience.

As with any other language color can be misrepresented and can lead to a negative attitude or feeling about your product. Our goal at Alexander Clark Printing is to guide and help you, reach your marketing goals with color selection, design and quality production.  Our Sales consultants have a clear understanding of color perceptions and the visual symbolism color can make without using a word.  Let’s talk color.