We can manage your documents, marketing and promotional products. Our technologies empower our clients, streamline processes, lower costs, improve service levels and increase operational efficiencies. Managing forms and collateral materials is time consuming. Let us do what we do best so you can do what you do best, manage your business, staff and customers.

We can help you develop workflow process that improve customer service and delivery of all your printed products. We can supply your next meeting, conference or trade show with all the personalized collateral materials you need. We can ship to any location and don’t forget we can personalize training manuals, policies, even produce your name badges.

But first we will ask some vital questions.

  1. The first question we might ask is what are your company rules for creating new documents? Invoices, payment reminder letters, sales brochures, applications, compliance policies, multiple reports—all businesses create a variety of documents in the course of doing and keeping track of business.
    • Why do we ask this question, because forms/documents are like herding cats, Impossible! And to keep things organized, all businesses need to establish rules for creating documents.
      • Are there in-house templates for some of your standard business documents, such as letters and invoices, and where are they located?
      • Is there an in-house marketing guide that needs to be followed?
      • Should new documents be dated or time-stamped?
      • What procedures should be followed for sharing or reviewing documents?
    • If document creation within your business involves different people collaborating on, reviewing, or updating documents, you’ll need to spend some time deciding how these things should be done to ensure efficiency and consistency. That is where ACP can help you. We can help you develop the workflow and policies to improve the management of your forms/documents.

  2. How will you store these documents? There are costs associated with storage—the largest of which, for most small businesses, is probably the cost of the time wasted when people are looking for documents. A clear, easy-to-follow system is essential.
    • You also need to know how you’ll archive documents. How will you handle files that are out of date or just ready to be moved to the back burner in your document management system?

  3. How will you retrieve documents? This question is the heart of your document management system. In a survey conducted by Xerox Canada, Canadian small- and medium-business owners and managers on average said it cost $2,152 a year to manage and store documents and about one hour a day to search for these documents.
    • And whether you’re a sole proprietor or a business owner with thousands of employees, you should create a file locations list, which will remind users where particular types of files go—and where to find them. Remember to include whether or not the file will be on your computer system, an in-house server, in the cloud, or filed in a physical location such as a filing cabinet.

  4. Do your documents need to be secure? The first line of defense for document security is physically securing your office itself. All businesses, even home-based ones, need to have security systems installed.
    • A short list of document security measures include:
      • Backing up electronic documents regularly, preferably off-site to guard against having your business data wiped out by natural disasters
      • Restricting user access to certain documents, applications, and folders on any shared computers
      • Preventing employee theft by conducting background and reference checks as a part of your hiring process


We can work with you to create your document management plan by answering the questions above. Make sure all your entire staff knows the details of your business’s document management system and that everyone follows appropriate procedures when creating, storing, and retrieving documents.

You’ll also have to be sure that everyone who accesses and uses documents within your organization follows through by consistently naming and storing documents appropriately. Spot check on a regular basis to test whether particular files can be easily found and to guard against misfiling. Even occasional carelessness can throw off the entire system.

ACP will work with you to manage all your printed products. From consulting with you on building a document process and helping you design your forms to warehousing to kitting, to mail. We can help you manage fulfillment and distribution. We will Manage your un-Manageable’s.