The Psychology of Color in Marketing (Post III of IV)

This week we will cover the next 5 colors and how they can affect your customers.

Red , the color of energy and associated with movement and excitement. Makes your heart beat a little faster.  Absolutely the wrong color for a baby’s room.  Wearing red will make you appear a bit heavier but more noticeable.  Red cars get more tickets. Used as a spot color in just the right place is smart.  Red is the symbol of life and is used at holidays that are about love and giving.  The true color of love is pink.  

Orange The most flamboyant color and is tied to fun times, happy and energetic days, warmth, and organic products. There is nothing remotely calm about this color.  Orange is associated with a new dawn in attitude.

Yellow is the color of the sun, associated with laughter, happiness, and good times.  Be careful with yellow, studies show babies cry more in yellow rooms and tempers flare more around this color. Yellow has the power to speed up our metabolism and bring out creative thoughts (legal tablets are yellow for good reason!).  Used sparingly in just the right place it can be an effective tool in marketing.

Green is the color of growth, nature, and money.  Dark forest green is associated with terms like conservative, masculine, and wealth.  Hospitals use light green rooms because they are found to be calming to patients.  It is also associated with envy, good luck, generosity, fertility, and peace.

Blue is the favorite color of a clear majority.  Much of the world is blue.  Seeing the color blue actually causes the body to produce chemicals that are calming, but not all shades of blue.  Some shades or too much blue can send a cold and uncaring message.  Blue has become associated with steadfastness, dependability, and loyalty.  Think uniforms.

Humans are all programmed to respond to color.  We see color and expect a certain result.  It is important to work with people who understand that color can help you reach customers based on what they see.   Color shouts louder than words.  

Next week’s post will cover some basics on using color together.

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