The Difference Between Promotional Products and Corporate Gifts

If you are the buyer of Promotional Products or Corporate Gifts, here are a few tips on understanding the difference.

PRICE: Promotional Products will, ideally, cost you under $10.00 per piece since it’s considered a giveaway. 

Corporate gifts will more than likely cost you $25.00 to $50.00 per individual gift, as they are a gift of gratitude.

FREQUENCY: Promotional products are part of everyday marketing campaigns and should be handed out regularly throughout the year.

Corporate gifts are given selectively, sporadically, or on a special occasion. Usually once or twice a year.

PURPOSE: Promotional products show off your brand and help you get recognized by your target audience.  Promotional products are handed out with the hope they will be used, and your company brand will gain recognition. They are considered a good SALES tool.

Corporate gifts are more personalized and given to a current client as a way to say thank you.  Corporate gifts are COMMUNICATION tools.

USEFULNESS: Promotional products should be useful.  That way, your prospect/customer will be sure to get a lot of “impressions” out of them.  (An impression is a term used in the promotional world to mean every time someone uses the product, they see your name, and it makes an impression.)  The most useful promotional products: custom t-shirts, bags, mugs, hats, sunglasses, pens, keychains, water bottles, USB, wireless battery chargers, and lip balm.

Corporate gifts do not need to be useful, as they are meant to impress the recipient, as a way to say thank you, we appreciate you.  So, you can be much more selective with higher quality and price.

RECIPIENTS: Promotional products are handed out to a target audience.  An example: a trade show, visit with a prospect, sponsored event, fulfilling a CTA (call to action), marketing campaign, and customers.

Corporate gifts are usually given to valued customers, recognizing an employee or a special vendor.

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