Business Product Sell Sheets

What the heck is a sell sheet?

A sell-sheet is a one-page sheet used in sales to attract attention to your product. Sell sheets are a way of showcasing the benefits of your idea in a succinct, static, compelling way. Look at them as one-page advertisements. 

Use a Catchy, Bold Headline

When someone looks at your product spec sheet, the headline is the first text that they’re going to read. You want the text itself to immediately capture reader interest. Some ways to make this happen are:

Including a surprising and relevant statistic relating to your services

Using puns and wordplay to give viewers a chuckle

Making a bold and grand statement (that you prove true in the text underneath the headline)

Using a quote (especially one from a testimonial for your business)

Remember that the goal of a headline is to make viewers want to read on! Keep these headlines to a maximum of one sentence.

Images Are Essential for Every Product Sell Sheet

The human eye is naturally drawn to images, especially those that incorporate a lot of colors. Because of this, your product sheet needs to have a large image on it that immediately grabs the eye. This image should be the main focal point of your page, and because people will likely notice it before any text, you should place the headline either on top of or beside your image.

Graphics Convey Information

Infographics and visual data are one of the most important aspects of a product sheet. In fact, according to the research company Springer, providing graphics to go with text makes people 323% more likely to understand and remember the information. Infographics are also three times more likely to be shared on social media than other types of content, which is pretty solid evidence that people like to engage with them.

Place these infographics on a different part of the page than the main focal photo. This will ensure that they have the space needed to truly make their point. Bold colors and large, short bursts of texts are great ways to incorporate data into your graphic, but make sure that the color scheme is cohesive and doesn’t clash with the other images on the page.

Use Text in Small Chunks

Speaking of text, it should always be used in small chunks. Make sure that you have no paragraphs longer than 3-5 sentences. Keep these sentences short, sweet, and to the point.

Remember that your product sell sheet is intended to give people a taste of your services. You don’t need to go in-depth with it! Instead, encourage people to contact you or look at your website for more information.

Bulleted Lists Are Your Friend

While short paragraphs are totally acceptable on a sell sheet, bulleted lists are even better. This is because:

> Bullet points are easy to read and skim

> They don’t require the reader to invest too much attention

> They do a good job of complimenting images and graphics (and can fit into any space on the page)

> You can include more information using bullets because they don’t take up too much space

> Bullet points can be structured in a way that makes them visually appealing on the page

> You can experiment with color. Try making each bullet point a different color (each one will draw the eye and engage the reader anew)

Bulleted lists are also easy to retain because your mind will store each of these ideas individually. Though they all go together, this makes it easier for people to recall the information that was given to them.

Print in Full Color

If you don’t invest in color printing, people aren’t going to want to look at your page. They’re going to think that it’s boring, especially when put next to other businesses that used bright colors. Since the human eye is drawn to various hues, it’s unlikely that you’ll get any traffic from a black-and-white sell sheet.

In order for any of the techniques we’ve talked about to be effective, it’s essential that your product sell sheet is printed in full color. Alexander Clark Printing can help make this happen. Once your page is printed, you can begin to distribute it and get the maximum effect from your well-designed product sheet!

Product Sell-Sheets can help you tell others about your product, so let’s talk. 

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