The Right Printing Company
Can Make A Difference!

Printing is a key element in your company branding and marketing communications.  Knowing how and producing products that portray your company brand is key to your success. Like any other supplier for your business, the right printing company can make all the difference in success or failure.  Choosing the printing company that is the perfect fit with your business and the services necessary to improve your overall communications both internally and externally is a high priority. 

Not all printing companies are up to the task.  All printing companies tout quality, service, and delivery.  For Alexander Clark Printing these are standard expectations every printing company should offer.  Doing the necessary homework beforehand will be worth it later on.  To narrow down the list, read over the following characteristics of what makes a good printing partner for your company. 

Standard Expectations

1. Check for Affordability…

Buying on price alone is a risky business.  The adage “you get what you pay for” stands true in printing as it does for other businesses.  However, many times cost is the first variable that people consider, so let’s talk about the elephant in the room.  Finding a printing company with cost-effective solutions that can offer similar quality for a lower price can be beneficial.  A good printing company will have a balance somewhere in the middle -high-quality services at a competitive and affordable price.  The best printing company will have options to offer you as they listen and learn what your unique needs are.

2. Ensure They Have Extensive Printing Knowledge

The printing industry grows broader each day, which continually requires companies to be creative and stand out with their personalized, above-par services.  A quality commercial printer is able to help you with each step of the process, from the beginning design aspects to the selection of finishing options, printing methods, and techniques.  Only with the proper knowledge can they produce the best results.  Ask for a tour of the facilities.  See and hear what they know and do.  You want a printing company that is straightforward and professional from the beginning.

3. Make sure They Provide Quality Customer Service

It is vital you have a dedicated representative and customer service professional assigned to your account from the beginning.  Communication is everything in business.  You will want clear communication methods already in place as this will give you peace of mind and a clear path to solutions in case of unforeseen situations.  A printing company that is well-established will be able to provide you with skillful and knowledgeable staff that can handle your project in the most efficient process and top-level customer care.

4. What is Their Paper Availability and Options?

As challenges continue with supply chain shortages, a quick check on a printer’s paper supply and options will provide information on how relevant they are today.  A major characteristic of a good printing company goes beyond its particular services and right into its supply options.  For eco-friendly businesses that aim for the highest level of sustainability, many printers offer green options to reduce the environmental harm that results from an order.  Also, check that they are a green printer and that its operations include environmentally sound practices.

5. Consider a Wide Availability of Specialty Techniques

A trustworthy printing company is well-equipped to meet individual needs.  Each business is unique, and each project requires something different.  Beyond basic printing methods, a variety of specialty finishing techniques can enhance a printing project to appeal to your target market.  The printer you chose to work with will have a wide availability of options to choose from. 

6. Verify an Efficient Delivery Process

Without a doubt, a good printing company is one that can deliver on its promises of on-time delivery.  (Read our blog on “Someday My Prints Will Come.”)  No one wants to get stuck without the necessary materials in hand or receive their materials in less than perfect condition. 

When you put in an order with a commercial printer, the exact timeframe of completion should be clear from day one.  Not every company can produce a large number of high-quality materials within a short timeframe.  If this is a requirement for your business, select a printer that can offer quick delivery when it’s most important.

The biggest specialty your printing company must offer is to be a good listener and a consultant that can help you be the superhero. Alexander Clark Printing shines as your support team.  Our reputation is one of developing a good business relationship with our customers that endures long-term, which benefits both parties.  Our reputation is built on reliability, dependability, integrity, and always putting the customer first. 

Contact us today so that we can get to know your company’s specific printing needs.  We’re here to answer any of your printing questions. You can also contact us via our web page at

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Printed documents run business.  Words on a page communicate with your staff and customers. 

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