CRM, Bountiful Leads and Increased Profitability

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions is a must-have for all business, small, medium, and large.  A CRM solution will enable you to gain a deep understanding of your customers and prospects, build an intimate relationship with them and provide them with outstanding service.  Along with providing you with the insights you need to make data-driven decisions. CRM gives you everything you need at your fingertips. Tools to optimize forecasting tasks, a bounty of sales, marketing, customer support, and workflow automation. Ultimately, a CRM solution will help you maximize the customer experience and customer lifetime value, drive more sales, and resolve customer issues faster.

The tools offered by CRM will allow you to ingest information from phone calls, email, social media, or any fathomable source, and centralize it where everyone across the organization can see it. Data analytics tools can help you make sense of what you take in and spot trends and patterns that are invisible to human eyes. You can paint a vivid picture of your customers, identify high-value prospects, tailor data-driven marketing campaigns, and more.

At-a-glance dashboards with information such as the customer’s personal information, preferences, recent orders, the status of those orders, or customer service tickets help provide a personalized experience. Armed with this information, sales reps and support staff alike can be proactive and provide a personalized experience. This data can also be used to personalize marketing campaigns, a proven method for capturing the customer’s attention.

With all the data that is pulled in by your CRM, you can better understand your prospects and customers and build more accurate profiles. You can identify spending habits and predict what and when they might buy next. This data can be used to give customers a little nudge, perhaps a text to their phone or a notification that can induce a purchase.

CRM solutions also help you put those insights to good use. Business leaders can use what they learn from their CRM to make smart, data-driven decisions about what to develop next, or how to effectively market it. They can also help you identify and target prospects and customers that are more profitable than others.

This bounty of data can also be used to create personalized campaigns based on your customer’s likes and preferences. This can be important, as 72% of customers won’t engage with messaging that isn’t personalized.  Showing customers what they want to see and where they want to see it will increase your chances of making a sale.

Working Together, Sales and Marketing

Marketers are creative people and the last thing you want to do is bog them down with boring clerical work.  Fortunately, we have computers to handle the mundane marketing tasks for us. CRM solutions can be used to automate web marketing campaigns, sending materials to potential customers as they come in over their preferred channel.  CRM solutions can also automate portions of the sales process, like follow-up messages with customers.  There are times when winning a customer’s business is a matter of being there first.  Automated, personalized communications help you do that.

When it comes to customers, customer service can have a serious impact on your bottom line.  Customers can and will leave you for a competitor because of poor customer service.  You need to keep the total customer experience flexible and easy from first contact to delivered product or service.  Customer Service is part of the experience and according to a 2018 report, poor customer service costs businesses more than $75 billion per year.  The report found that customers stopped doing business with a particular company because they didn’t feel appreciated, were unable to find answers, and were put on hold for too long.  Customer service automation can help you improve your quality of service, and thus retain more customers.

Check out HubSpot and get an up-to-the-minute view of your entire sales funnel on a clean, visual dashboard. You can sort deals won and lost, appointments scheduled, contracts sent, and track performance against quotas you set in one simple view. Sort deals by name, owner, amount, or stage with custom filters for actionable intel in a fraction of the time.

HubSpot CRM tracks customer interactions automatically, whether they are in an email, across social media, or on a call. Every interaction with a lead is stored in a timeline.

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