Building Your Brand With Presentation Folders

Whether you’re mailing your latest brochure or leaving company information behind after a meeting, custom presentation folders can make a huge difference in the way your company is perceived.  In the marketing arena finding a way to say a lot in a small space is always a challenge.  A presentation folder is a powerful tool in getting the word out about your business.  You have a small space that can contain a large amount of information. 

Presentation folders aren’t just a place for you to store marketing materials, they ARE the marketing media.  A common issue with marketing materials is that a different tone is used for each audience.  Presentation folders provide a well-designed, company-branded cover for any materials, offering a consistent brand image but a tailored content depending on the client or event.

Add special features to your presentation folder.  A business card slot lets you hand out your contact information without worrying about them getting lost before they have a chance to get in touch with you. A tri-fold presentation folder will give you more surface area to work with, which means more opportunities to establish your brand’s personality.  For even more space, choose an extended pocket folder.  You can store catalogs, and sample books without damaging the folder itself.

A presentation folder is most likely going to be one of the first impressions a company will get of your brand.  A good design will make sure it’s the right impression.  You need to represent your brand, values, and identity in a custom presentation folder design.  When a customer or prospect looks at your presentation folder what do they see? A well-designed presentation folder displays a sense of continuity, organization, maturity and professionalism to your customers and prospects.  It also gives staff the motivation and excitement to use it.  Who doesn’t want to show off a great-designed and printed presentation folder?

Some marketing folders are made specifically for the different types of marketing media such as CDs, DVD’s or pens and scratch pads.  Remember a presentation folder does more than advertise your company, it advertises your attitude towards doing business. 

The stock (paper) will be an important decision when designing a presentation folder.  Does the stock fold clean, how does it feel in your hands? If it feels cheap to you, what impression will it leave with your customer? When designing a presentation folder consider how full coverage ink will look.  Sometimes full coverage of black will leave fingerprints.  You can use spot UV, foil, embossing, or lamination to get creative and give different textures to the folder.

Some ways to use your well-designed Presentation Folder: 

SALES PACKS, a generic handout kit you use to present prospects with informative brochures, the salesperson’s business cards and time-sensitive offers.  MEDIA KITS used to present press releases, brochures, business cards, memory sticks with digital content.  PRESENTATION HANDOUTS, leaving your documents loose on a table after a meeting in hopes someone will look over them again is not a good idea.  Leave them in your custom presentation folder.  Not only will it look more professional, but it will also create more value in your proposal and your details are more likely to be kept.                TRADE SHOWS, presentation folders make great handouts during trade shows, customers can use the folders to package your brochures, inserts, leaflets, and other material.  You can even tailor them to the prospects’ needs.  Having your custom folder in the hands of half the trade show attendees is bound to increase brand awareness.

We take pride in the products we produce for our customers; inferior print is not acceptable.  To ensure you get the best results when printing presentation folders, take the time to consider the stock and the finish.  We believe in providing the best quality product possible within our customer’s budget.  Our various options and designs will make your company’s presentation folder stand out.  Let’s have a conversation about how your folders can get you noticed.

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