What is a shell, anyway?

In the print world, shells refer to any preprinted item that has images or text on paper to be imprinted at a LATER date with static or variable data.

When, what and why should you use shells?  When you want to maintain a certain image for your printed materials, but may have multiple employees, locations, products and customers to manage. Your shells would include images and text that would remain static from piece to piece (i.e. company logo, license information, tag lines, etc.). These shells would be stocked at ACP’s facility. When the printed product was needed, the variable information would be produced digitally.

What are the benefits?

Storing these preprinted items allows for quicker turnaround times particularly when the imprint is one color. The other colors can be set up, printed and stored, simply waiting on the imprint. This process also allows for color consistency since the static parts are printed at the same time under the same controlled conditions. Running large amounts of these shells makes the project cost-effective. Instead of paying for all of the colors and paper each time, the client pays initially for the bulk of the project, and another, smaller fee each time an imprint is needed.

Online ordering: 

Adding shells to an online ordering portal streamlines the process even further. Our portals offer an easy way for our clients to send imprint information. Once the order is approved the printed materials are quickly produced and shipped to the client. Having the setup and proofing process completed online provides the opportunity for projects to move through production with ease and helps ensure a consistent final product.

Having a system of preprinted and stocked items provides multiple advantages…

  • Set-up is done once for the multiple colors
  • Color and branding is consistent
  • The cost savings for large print runs is huge; pay for the initial print run up front, and then just the cost of the imprints as needed
  • Faster product turnaround
  • Works great for companies that order for different employees, products and customers over a long period.
  • Online ordering portals offer a quick and easy ordering process that streamlines production

Don’t delay, order today!

In a nutshell, the benefits of producing shells are many.   Our experienced consultants at Alexander Clark Printing are ready to make life a bit easier for yourself and/or your company? 

Let’s get you into your shell.