The Psychology of Color in Marketing,
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Life is in living color.

Color is a meaningful constant for sighted people and it’s a powerful psychological tool.  By using color psychology, you can send a positive or negative message, encourage sales, calm a crowd, or make an athlete pump iron harder.

Employ the latest color psychology in all facets of marketing and particularly in logo design, website design, the cover of a book, or the package of a product. Color is that first flash seen on your website.  It is important to remember that color is also the first thing registered by a person who goes to your website.  If it is pleasing, they will read on, if it’s displeasing you may lose them in a nanosecond.  A good rule of thumb is to select your background color and then select two other colors.

Selecting colors for a flyer, brochure, or mail piece is also important.  Knowing how to print those colors, how to do color management on a press, takes knowledge and experience.  

Next week’s post will give a quick overview of colors and their meaning.

Life is in living color.  Black and white can be dramatic when used appropriately.  When the budget permits color will never leave you in the dark.

How are you using color in your marketing?

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