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GOOD Print Marketing


Note the word Good.  As with any marketing, print must be executed correctly to be effective. Whether it is B2B or B2C you must know your customer, who is your target market.   Successful marketing plans that use digital and print find response rates skyrocket. Marketers find the once crowded, now sparse mailbox is giving them new opportunities. A compelling message and CTA will give you results that will surprise and astonish you.

You have, no doubt, heard the chin-wagging about the robust responses of digital advertising and how it has transcended traditional advertising and print marketing.  Digital advertising is good, however, when used along with print marketing, results are even better.  Print can reach a niche market that digital cannot.  Print can create an emotional response that digital strikes out on.

Depending on which survey you look at, we can conclude that most “humans” like to receive a physical card or letter which makes [them] feel more connected to people than digital notes (emails, SMS, etc.). Millennials, Gen X and Gen Z all have varying opinions of direct mail marketing.  Surveys can be slanted in the direction of your choice.  What we do know as marketers, our response rates are higher when digital and print are mixed, stirred well and served to the right target market. 

When was the last time you took time to actually read a complete digital advertisement on your mobile device?  We have become desensitized to the 15-second flashes of ads.  We buy the brands we know from the company that can ship it the fastest and the least expensive.  Well, maybe not the least expensive, but in the age of “instant” brand, speed trumps cost.  After a year of lockdowns and physical distancing our customers, “humans” are looking to be more engaged.  Personalization in our print and using best practices in our message will make any marketing project highly effective and successful. 

Alexander Clark Printing is ready to have a conversation with you about your unique needs in the print marketing arena. Let’s marry print and digital, produce a successful marketing campaign where all the pieces fit together.

What are your thoughts on print marketing?  If you would like to talk about an upcoming project, let us know and we will contact you.

Alexander Clark Printing is helping change business printing one ink spot at a time. 

Printed documents run business.  Words on a page communicate with your staff and customers. 

Alexander Clark can supply you with your promotional products, from pens to stress balls, from mugs to wrist bands.

When done right, direct mail marketing can work with your other channels, like digital marketing, to make your business stand out. 

 Printing on the envelope is your opportunity to add color, personality, and in some cases, life to your envelope. Which one you choose can depend on the kind of mailing you are doing, the size of your mailing and your budget.

 Alexander Clark Printing can manage your documents. Our technologies empower our clients, streamline processes, lower costs, improve service levels.