The Importance of a Loyal Employee Part II of II

Why should you care about employee loyalty?

 Loyal employees push productivity in the workplace

As mentioned before, loyal employees already have a natural hunger for improvement and success.  They are always coming up with new ways to tackle the challenges of the day and help the company grow.  They are always ready and able to work harder and suggest things to improve the environment, the culture.  To put it simply, they are natural leaders.  Other workers that have low motivation, low drive, will naturally absorb that energy and usually emulate that particular employee.  Without loyal employees, other employees will fall short, tire and fall one after another like dominoes.  Before you know it, the workplace will be overflowing with mediocrity.

The customer’s experience will make or break the corporation

A loyal employee has respect for the company and prioritizes the values there.  They are searching for ways to make the interaction between the company and the customer better. If an employee is harnessing negativity, keep an eye on them; it may be infectious.  Coworkers, bosses, and even customers can spiral down into negative land. If customers continue to have a negative experience with the same person, this can ruin the company’s reputation.  Even if it is one customer, in some cases it only takes that one incident to set things off and bring everything to the ground.  For this reason, you need to build the bridge between customer loyalty and employee loyalty.  Customer loyalty is crucial to the company’s productivity, growth and performance.  It can act as a chain reaction.  If the employee loyalty is soiled, the customer loyalty is soiled and everything else will soon be the same.

Loyalty improves the corporation’s image

Employees matter more than most people think they do.  More than half of the company’s image is built by the employees.  After all, they are the ones that make the products that are carried under the company’s brand.  They are the ones who speak to the customers, serve the customers and collect money from the customers.  The easiest way to make sure this is present in the workplace is to ensure that the organization is putting out what they want in return, loyalty.  Customer loyalty is the result of consistent interactions with enthusiastically loyal employees who love where they work.  Happy, loyal employees naturally share their “lovin’feelin’s” with customers who, in turn, become enthusiastically loyal to your brand.

Employee loyalty speeds up production in a short time

When a company is under fire or experiencing a delay in production, or supplies, loyal workers will always know to stay above water and not give in to the slump.  They will stay loyal and dedicated to the company during all of the ups and downs.  They will also work to come up with solutions or ways to keep everyone else motivated as well.  This is most prevalent when there is a hiccup in sales, economic slowdown, or when there’s more work than there are people.  Times like this call for serious dedication and perseverance.

Employee loyalty can be a part of the corporation’s growth plan

Every company has a plan for growth and improvement.  However, a number of companies will be able to achieve that.  One of the biggest reasons why is because there are always employees being fired or quitting and a number of employees being hired. Training may be done by the burned-out, un-motivated employees, who are leaving.  If there is not a strong presence of employee loyalty in the company, the new hire won’t be willing or interested in working for the company long-term.

More people will want to work for the company

If your employees are being treated well and there is a strong foundation of employee loyalty in the workplace, they will soon be encouraged to spread the word about how well they are being treated.  They will become your “Brand Ambassadors.”


We want to take this opportunity to give a SHOUT OUT to our Loyal Employee Owners at

Alexander Clark Printing.

As we celebrate our 50th year in business, we believe it is important to recognize the contribution our employees have made.  Without our outstanding Team, Alexander Clark Printing would not be what it is today; a company that puts the customer’s success first, a company with deep-rooted values and integrity focused on building long-term relationships with loyal customers.  We have listed our loyal Team below by years of service.  

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As Alexander Clark Printing is celebrating 50 years of helping our customers succeed, we want to give a shout-out to our awesome staff for their commitment to continued outstanding service.

Listing by month hired. 


Marv – 41 years

Steve – 15 years

Ned – 5 years

Darilyn – 5 years


Bill – 17 years

James – 2 years


Daron – 30 years

Cody – 29 years

Steve J. – 16 years

Marsha – 1 year


Eric – 16 years

Carlos – 13 years

Francisco – 10 years


Muhamed – 22 years

Jeanne – 19 years


Scott– 15 years

Danielle – 2 years

Jim – 1 year

Paul – 1 year


Sandy – 21 years

Jose – 9 years


Dragan– 22 years

Michael B. – 18 years

Jack – 14 years

Laurie– 11 years

Jerry – 10 years


Pete – 5 years

Michael T. – 3 years

Sheldon – 2 years


Bob D. – 19 years

Jason – 12 years

Bernard – 8 years

Heidi – 6 years

Joshua – 4 years

Jarrad – 4 years


Michael A. – 24 years

Annie – 12 years

Bob S. – 9 years

Lupe – 5 years

If you would like to send a “way to go” message to one of our Team, just send them a message from this page.  They would love to know; they made a difference

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