A Great Metaphor

The storm of COVID 19 has touched us all.  The aftershocks are still reaching deep into the core of how business is done.  How do we minimize the challenges experienced by this storm?


The Rocky Mountains is one of the few places in the world where there are both buffalo and cows in close proximity.

 Storms usually come from the west and roll out toward the east.

A great lesson about success and leadership from the way buffalo and cows respond to a storm.


Cows sense the storm coming from the west and so they start to try and run toward the east.  The only problem with that is, if you know anything about cows, they aren’t very fast runners.

So, the storm catches up with the cows rather quickly.  And without knowing any better the cows continue trying to outrun the storm.  But instead of outrunning the storm they actually run right along with the storm.  Maximizing the amount of pain and time and frustration they experience from the storm.


Buffalo, wait for the storm to cross over the crest of the mountaintop and as the storm rolls over the ridge the buffalo turn and charge directly into the storm.

Instead of running east, away from the storm, they run west directly at the storm.  By running at the storm, they run straight through it.  Minimizing the amount f pain and time and frustration they experience from the storm.

Buffalo herd together and charge directly into the storm.  They realize that procrastination and indulgence are simply creditors that charge you interest.

Even though we’re all in different places in life, we all face storms.

We don’t get to choose whether we have storms.  The only choice that we have is how we respond to those storms.  And more specifically, is when we respond to those storms.

Facing the storm may mean changing how you do business.

The storm of COVID 19 made businesses develop new ways of reaching and communicating with customers and staff.

As the post-pandemic “new normal” settles in, businesses will be reaching out through new channels to build on their brand and establish “piece of mind” with prospects and customers.

“Piece of mind,” when your brand name, your company name, owns part of a customer or prospect’s mind.  They think of you when they need your product or service.

The storm may require your sales team to embrace new and challenging ways to reach prospects and service customers.

Due to supply chain issues, you may be forced to change how you produce your product(s).

To stay competitive, you may have to develop new products and services.

Don’t run. Don’t avoid it. Don’t hope it goes away.  Take it head-on.

What storms are you in? Do you see a storm coming? Are you facing the storm?

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