Some Day My "Prints" Will Come

“On-time delivery.” 

Words spoken, written, and promised.  In a world that takes the statement “on-time” glibly, you may have experienced companies that do not understand the necessity to meet and exceed delivery expectations.  Delivery is a service that is essential for a number of reasons.

Delivery of the products you produce, on-time, punctual, is professional, end of story.

When late with a delivery, customers lose trust.

Without confidence in on-time delivery, within specs, customers end up making ad hoc assumptions to compensate for the uncertainty to their supplier.

Your performance is always being graded. No matter the quality of a product, customers will not buy if delivery is repeatedly late. 

Fighting fires and responding to crises related to late delivery is a waste of a customer’s time. To high-impact buyers and managers, time is the scarcest resource.

Customer satisfaction is mandatory if you plan on keeping your customers. If you don’t deliver on time, you open the door for your competitors.

Everyone understands “Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.” (Allen Saunders)

Equipment goes down, electricity goes out, snowstorms happen, and trucks have flat tires. Keep your customers informed, even when it is a difficult call to make.  Honesty and integrity will ensure credibility.   

As printers, we expect on-time deliveries from our paper suppliers, as it is imperative in order for us to meet our customer’s deadlines.  It is important to remember all the ways it can impact a company’s resources and therefore, their bottom line.

The pace of business is continuing to increase, and customers expect continuous improvement.  In the world of printing, outstanding quality, cost and delivery are a market expectation, not an added value or benefit, and we must meet those expectations.  Period!!

On our journey toward building a highly productive and valuable relationship with our customers, Alexander Clark Printing suggests having a conversation with your sales consultant.  This will establish trust and demonstrate to you our ability to deliver on time.

In today’s economic climate you hear about paper shortages, staff shortages, and reduced capacity.  As a larger printer, Alexander Clark has higher allotments of paper, knowledgeable and experienced full-time staff, and the capacity to handle any project you may have.  When looking for stability, continued flexibility, and dependability you can always count on Alexander Clark Printing. 

When will you need your next project delivered?   

Alexander Clark Printing is helping change business printing one ink spot at a time. 

Printed documents run business.  Words on a page communicate with your staff and customers. 

Alexander Clark can supply you with your promotional products, from pens to stress balls, from mugs to wrist bands.

When done right, direct mail marketing can work with your other channels, like digital marketing, to make your business stand out. 

 Printing on the envelope is your opportunity to add color, personality, and in some cases, life to your envelope. Which one you choose can depend on the kind of mailing you are doing, the size of your mailing and your budget.

 Alexander Clark Printing can manage your documents. Our technologies empower our clients, streamline processes, lower costs, improve service levels.